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Juror Qualification Questionnaire - Frequently Asked Questions


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I don't live in that County?


The United States District Court, Southern District of Georgia, is made up of 43 Counties, which is further broken down into 6 Divisions. Click here to find out which Division you live in and where you would most likely report. There are 2 instances where you may be called to report in a different location. 1.) If selected for Grand Jury, you would report to Savannah, GA and 2.) If there is a need for a "District Wide" jury, you would report to the Division where the case was filed. If an overnight stay is required, you would be notified in advance and/or arrangements would be made.


How was my name selected? 


Your name was randomly selected from the list of registered voters maintained by the Secretary of State, Election Division, for the Southern District of Georgia. 


What is the purpose of the Juror Qualification Questionnaire and am I being asked to appear for jury service? 


The purpose of the Juror Qualification Questionnaire is only to establish if you are qualified to serve as a prospective juror for the United States District Court, Southern District of Georgia. If you are deemed qualified to serve, you could receive a jury summons between October 1, 2021 and September 30, 2025. At a later date, if you are deemed not qualified to serve, you will receive no further correspondence from the court. You are not being asked to appear for jury service at this time and no further action is required by you once the Jury Qualification Questionnaire is completed online.


Can I complete my Questionnaire online? 


Absolutely - Fill out Qualification Questionnaire Now! 


What are the qualifications to serve as a juror? 


The Jury Selection and Service Act specifies that a person is qualified to serve on grand and petit juries in the district court unless he/she:


Is not a citizen of the United States eighteen (18) years old who has resided for a period of one year within the judicial district;

Is unable to read, write, and understand the English language with a degree of proficiency sufficient to fill out the Juror Qualification Form;

Is unable to speak the English language;

Is incapable, by reason of mental or physical infirmity, to render satisfactory jury service; or

Has a charge pending against him/her for the commission of, or has been convicted in a state or federal court of record of, a crime punishable by imprisonment for more than one year, and his/her civil rights have not been restored.


Am I exempt from serving? 


The Jury Selection and Service Act specifies that the following persons are barred from jury service on the grounds that they are EXEMPT if they are employed on a FULL TIME basis as a:


Public official of the United States, state or local government who is elected to public office or directly appointed by one elected to office;

A member of any governmental police or regular fire department (not including volunteer or non-governmental department); or

A member in active service of the Armed Forces of the United States.


Can I be excused from jury service? 


The Jury Selection and Service Act specifies that certain groups of persons may be EXCUSED only if the court finds that any member of such groups would suffer “undue hardship or extreme inconvenience” if required to perform jury service. This court finds that the members of the following groups shall be excused upon individual request:


A person over 70 years of age.

A person who has served as a grand or petit juror for federal court within the last two years.

Volunteer safety personnel. (“Volunteer safety personnel” are individuals serving a public agency in an official capacity, without compensation, such as firefighters or members of a rescue squad or ambulance crew.)


I have already served in county court. Do I have to serve in the federal court too?


Yes. County courts and federal courts operate separately from one another, so your service in county court does not satisfy your obligation to serve in federal court. 


What if I have a medical condition that would keep me from serving as a juror? 


You may be excused from jury service for a permanent medical condition, upon approval by the Court, if you submit a current doctor’s statement stating that you are unable to serve. If you are unable to obtain a doctor’s statement within the mandated ten days, please complete your questionnaire online and have your doctor fax your statement to the court at 912-650-4030 or mail to:


Jury Clerk, USDC

PO Box 8286

Savannah, GA 31412


Is there an age limit for prospective jurors? 


There is no age limit. However, you may request to be excused if you are 70 years of age or older. If this applies, please complete the e-Juror Qualification Questionnaire, making sure that you choose the button stating "I am over the age of 70 and wish to be excused."


What if I am not available to serve? 


At this time, you do not need to provide dates that you will be available. Should you be summoned at a later date, you will be given an opportunity to address any conflict you may have. The court will honor any reasonable requests at that time. 


What if the person who received the Questionnaire is deceased? 


Please write “deceased” on the letter envelope and send it back to the court "Return to Sender". We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your cooperation in updating our jury records. 


What if I am a student? 


If you are a student, in or out of state, and still have, or use, a permanent address in the Southern District of Georgia, you are not exempt from jury service in this Court. Please complete the Questionnaire as directed. A family member may complete the Questionnaire on your behalf. In doing so, they should indicate their name and relationship and explain why such action was necessary. 


I no longer live at the address listed on the Juror Qualification Questionnaire. What should I do? 


If your permanent address has changed, please correct the address information through e-Juror.


The Questionnaire must be completed in order for the court to determine if you are still qualified to serve for the U. S. District Court Southern District of Georgia . 


What if I have received a Juror Qualification Questionnaire for a person who no longer permanently resides at this mailing address? 


If you can provide a current address, place a line through the old address, put the new address beside it, and send it back to the court. If you do not know the person or do not have a forwarding address, please write “return to sender” on the outside of the window envelope and return it through the postal service.