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This is not a summons for jury service and you are not being called to report at this time.

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Instructions for Completing Questionnaire

The Southern District of Georgia is a two-step Court which means that Jurors first must be “Qualified” before they are eligible to become a Juror.

During this step, we are gathering information to determine if you are qualified to serve based on factors such as your residence, citizenship, etc. Once a person is qualified, their name is included in a database wherein our Petit and Grand Juries are pulled.

You must complete and return the Questionnaire by mail, or on-line, using eJuror, within 10 days of receipt If you are out of town, waiting on documentation to send to the court with your Questionnaire, or have other circumstances that prohibit you from responding within ten (10) days as mandated, please complete the Questionnaire at the earliest date possible. If you have documentation to submit with your Questionnaire please return both in the prepaid envelope provided for your convenience.

Your completed Juror Qualification Questionnaire will be processed through a scanning machine. Please DO NOT staple, paperclip, or otherwise attach anything to the Questionnaire. Every question must be answered using a No. 2 pencil (if you do not have a pencil, you may use black ink). The Questionnaire must also be signed and dated. Please do not fax copies of your Questionnaire to the court, as the court requires the original, signed and dated Questionnaire.

Summons for Jury Service

Did you receive this form?

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You must return the Juror Information Form located on the lower-half of your summons within 5 days. You may do this electronically using eJuror or send in the U.S.mail.























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